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TOP 5 Reasons You Should Consider Lip Blush

As lip blush grows in popularity, so are the number of case studies who swear by it - and for good reason. It’s truly something that’s hard to really put into words, but I’ve done my best to capture all of the positive feedback for you.

In this article you’ll find the top 5 benefits of getting lip blush. If you have any general questions or additional inquires about getting lip blush, feel free to get in touch!


1. Colour

As we age, we lose the colour in our lips and skin all together. The most immediate lip blush benefit that many of my clients notice is how much more “awake” they appear thanks to the added colour, fullness and definition of their lips. A little bit of colour added can go a long way!

But besides having an amazing lip colour, lip blush is also used to conceal hypo/hyper-pigmentation and is the best non-invasive treatment to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation (darkness) or hyperpigmentation (paleness).

Using water-based pigments, the lip blushing technique allows colour to be built under the skin's surface in order to camouflage hyperpigmentation or paleness caused by an oversupply or lack of melanin in the lips.

2. Symmetry & Volume

One of the most sought after and noticeable lip blush benefits is the illusion of symmetry and the added boost in volume - which is even enough to deter people from getting fillers!

The problem with fillers is that there is a likely chance of product migration which may be contradictory to why some people get fillers in the first place. The result is an uneven lip shape that may even appear more asymmetrical than before.

Lip blushing uses advanced mapping techniques to ensure facial symmetry.  It is even possible to over-line the lips by about 1mm to create the illusion of larger, fuller-looking lips.

By understanding the right mapping technique and knowing how to work with the natural features of your face, I can help you experience the effects of fillers; and even more; without the pain, without the downtime and without breaking the bank.

3. Youthful Appearance

Thanks to the colour pigmentation mentioned above, lip blush enhances how full your lips appear by concealing the fine lines and wrinkles to make your lips appear more youthful.

The treatment also encourages collagen production in the lips as the micro-needle from the tattoo causes slight injury to the skin, which encourages the skin to regenerate new, collagen-rich tissue that is stronger and appears more youthful. This new skin tissue is also more even in tone and texture.

4. Saving a LOT of Time & Money

According to Byrdie, women spend more than $3800 on just makeup per year; and a minimum of $700 on dermal fillers every 6 months. Lip blushing costs a fraction of the price and lasts much longer!

Once you get your lip blush, you can finally roll out of bed and wake up with the lips you've always wanted – that “finished” look before heading out of the house or getting ready for a night out. You can finally wake up feeling more beautiful and eliminate the need to purchase an endless amount of expensive makeup products every month.

Just imagine having that from the moment you start your day. You deserve to have that!

5. Smudge-proof & Sweat-proof

Lip blushing provides colour to the lips without transferring onto masks, clothes, cups, teeth... or your significant other. ;)

That is because lip blush is a form of cosmetic tattoo that delivers long-lasting colour without fading or smudging throughout the day due to eating, drinking and kissing.

It is also sweat resistant, so you can go out dancing all night or go to the gym without worrying about your "makeup" sliding off your face.

While this is just an overview of some of the most cited benefits of getting lip blush, I'm happy to provide more info! Get in touch by simply texting me at (416) 700-3855 or send me an email at

I look forward to meeting you!

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What My Clients Say About Me


Sabrina C.

"Natali takes amazing care of your lips and is so passionate about what she does! I am obsessed with the way mine have turned out and her dedication to after-care and checking up after appointments is so appreciated. If you are getting your lips blushed or eyebrows done, Natali is absolutely your girl!!"

Vanessa R.

"Omg if you’re thinking about getting your lips done, you need to go to Natali!! She takes her time to make sure you have a positive experience! I was a tad nervous, but she makes sure you’re comfortable by teaching you about the procedure. When healing, USE VASELINE LIP TREATMENT (chapstick/jelly). Love my results, I have the prettiest lips!!!"

Alison L.

"Had my lip blush done by Natali not too long ago and love the healed results. Super natural looking and I don’t have to worry about applying lipstick— just gloss and straight out the door. She’s talented and really gentle on your lips. I would highly recommend anyone to come see her for your lip blush needs!"

Rose L.

"Absolutely loving how professional she is! My lips look just like the colour I picked. Natali is very professional and a great communicator as well before, during and after the treatment. I would definitely recommend Natali to anyone who is interested in doing lip blush or ombre brows!" 
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